• We are Curages

  • We act creatively

  • We develop fresh ideas for new conferences


We are a creative team changing the landscape of conferences and events. We curate exclusive networks and develop exceptional content in order to provide high quality, story driven programming. We know standard conferences are boring and do not deserve a dime spent on them. We are an alternative to the standard of being boring. We offer original content designed to inspire, share knowledge, and give a unique experience to audiences.

Locally and globally, Curages develops conferences for small to large audiences. To address the huge challenges of tomorrow, we are passionately determined to curate programs on stage and beyond which are tailored for select audiences.

Curages’ content is built to inspire and inform. Programming features personal stories shared directly by renowned personalities significantly contributing to redefining the global future.

A diverse array of themes explored includes Digital Education, Disruptive Technologies, Climate Change, Healthcare, Social and Governmental Affairs, among others.

Team Curages is focused on innovation, education and change.

As executive producers of unique content, our role is to develop new, live formats fostering dialogue within corporations, institutions, organizations, public entities, and NGOs.

At a Curages event, speakers share personal insights which connect attendees; motivating audiences through "calls of action” both as individuals and as members of a collective society.

In short, we develop stage experiences that embody the concept of Zeitgeist.

Focus on the Curation of Conferences

  • Innovation

  • Education

  • Change

  • Global and Domestic Issues

  • Healthcare

  • Disruptive Technologies


Curator & Executive Producer

Stephan Balzer is a pioneer and influential voice in the Pan - European innovation community.



What they say about us

  • « Our mantra: brutal prioritization, maniacal focus. »

    Jeffrey Kalmikoff

  • « Think big, and act small. »

    Leslie Koch

  • « Crazy is a compliment. »

    Linda Rottenberg

  • « A good partnership is more than the sum of its parts. »

    Sigi Moeslinger


Postal Address:

Curages Conference Management GmbH

Schönhauser Allee 10/11

D-10119 Berlin, Germany

Managing Directors

Stephan Balzer



+49 (0)30 - 726 26 750